About Dead Park

If you had a bad job; if your boss was the devil; if you had the worst co-workers in the world; if you hated your customers…

You’re gonna love Dead Park Plaza!

The office of Dead Park Books sits in the basement of the most evil office building in the world, just a few doors down from the incinerator. Our dedicated staff risks life and eternal damnation coming into work every day to keep the presses running amid the acrid smell of burning flesh, which is always worse right after the monthly rent is due.

You’ll find people in Dead Park that will seem very familiar: annoying co-workers; horrible bosses; bad customers. People who did strange things so when you got home, you had a story to tell your family. “Honey, you won’t believe what that idiot said today.”

Of course, the Dead Park story isn’t limited to the office. There’s horror to be found in the nearby mall as well. And there’s even more terror lurking in the suburbs, all built on the grounds of the a mysterious former military base.

Dead Park also publishes other stories you may love: romantic thrillers, noir fairy tales, a dash of sci-fi, real life haunts, and a cute book for the kiddos about an evil snowman.

About John Cosper

You’ll notice John’s name on all of our book covers. he’s the reckless fool willing to attach his name to these stories of offices gone mad, and we’re happy to let him take the fall. For nearly thirty years John has been telling stories on stage, on screen, and in print. He produced a number of short films, some he directed and some directed by people far more talented. His credits include the Fluffy trilogy, the Clive the Zombie films, and the award-winning short films Out of My Mind,¬†The Telemarketer, Tolerance, and Bots. One of his proudest creations is a collaboration with son Sam, The World’s Shortest Horror Films.

And now, he risks life and limb to compile stories about Dead Park, all for your reading enjoyment.

Oh yeah, John also writes stories about professional wrestling. He is the author of several wrestling histories and biographies published by Eat Sleep Wrestle.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 812-786-0390