Meet the Author

John Cosper is well-respected in certain communities for telling the truth. He’s written about very real things like the haunted places of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, and through his website Eat Sleep Wrestle, he’s written and published many (mostly) real stories about professional wrestlers. 

But John also makes things up. A lot of things. He wrote a collection of noir fairy tales, and he’s penned some great romantic thrillers like Die Alan Die and Girl Most Likely to Kill You. 

Why are we telling you this? To urge you to take his writings about Dead Park with a grain of salt. Yes, the stories are fantastic, but did an evil record executive really put a contract on an innocent woman’s life? Did an Amish serial killer from an 80s slasher really trample a woman to death with his horse and buggy? Do cryptids regularly gather in a quiet suburban home to play poker? 

Read his books if you must, and decide for yourselves. 

On yeah. He has a blog too. Click here is you want to read that drivel.


“The Big Bad Goodnight is a killer collection of noir fairy tales. The seven dwarves are more vicious killers than the clowns that cut up all those people at the Asian buffet.”

– Beatrice, Sushi lover

Burt headshot

“Lawrenceburg, Kentucky sounds way scarier than this place. You’ll never get me in the Anderson Hotel. That bourbon though.”

– Burt, Not a fan of ghosts


“Girl Most Likely to Kill You is a hot romantic spy thriller, not my personal autobiography. Or anyone else from this town I know.” 

– Tiffany, Definitely not a killer