Welcome to Dead Park


Some people say our little community is haunted. Nothing could be further from the truth. To be haunted you need ghosts, and if there’s one thing we do not have in Dead Park, it’s ghosts! 

Go ahead. Ask around. You won’t find any ghosts in Dead Park! 

You will find a thriving community of individuals who work hard, shop hard, and live well in this quiet little corner of Earth. Sure, we’ve heard the rumors too. Killer clowns. Killer toilets. Killer prom queens. Killer vampires. Killer arcade games. And – of all the crazy things – Bigfoot showing up at poker games. 

We invite you to visit for yourself. Experience all that Dead Park has to offer: great places to work, fun places to shop, and a neighborhood that has fewer deaths per year than New York, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and Houston combined. 

We love it here. And we know you will too. 


We get it. The temptation is too great. If you really must know more about Dead Park, you can buy all the books here. 

You can find other books too. Books about real haunted places and romantic thrillers. We think you’ll like these too. 

A beautiful, four story complex built on the remains of a military base offers all the amenities the modern office needs. 

Learn what it’s really like to work in this beautiful and not at all evil office complex. 

From our beautiful new subdivision to the open air shopping mall, this is a community to die for. Not that that’s likely to happen, of course!

Discover what life is really like in our peaceful, not at all dangerous community. 

Meet the jerk who thought it would read real funny to write a bunch of books disparaging our small town. 

Don’t get us wrong. John Cosper has got a gift for fiction. He does non-fiction well too. But you honestly don’t believe all the dark tales he’s spun about Dead Park, do you?