The Haunting of a Bourbon Town


Take a tour of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, a quiet little bourbon town with an eclectic past and more than a few ghosts.

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Bourbon kings. Bootleggers. Vagrants. Hobos. Mobsters. Voodoo women. Confederate guerillas. When your town attracts the kind of folks who sauntered into Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, odds are good some of them never left.

Once the greatest bourbon town in America, the town of Lawrenceburg still carries echoes from its past. From the mansions of the great distillers to the corridors of the courthouse to the haunted halls of the Anderson Hotel, many of the people who made this town famous – and infamous – are still here. You may not see them, you they can see you.

No one knows the ghostly community of Lawrenceburg like Jeff Waldridge. An expert on the paranormal, Waldridge welcomes hundreds of visitors each year who want to experience the strange and unusual. In his first publication, Waldridge takes you down Main Street and memory lane, unveiling the colorful history behind the mysterious hauntings of a bourbon town.

From the mischief of Ol’ Albert, to the towering presence of T.B. Ripy, to the terrors of the Anderson Hotel, the ghosts of Lawrenceburg await you!

150 pages.

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