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Festival Favorites!

Clive the Zombie – The many misadventures of a zombie puppet.

The World’s Shortest Horror Films¬†– A web series created in partnership with my son Sam.

The World’s Shortest Noir Films – A follow up to the horror series that pays tribute to film noir.

Fluffy – The alien trilogy (plus two) featuring a cute and fuzzy killer from outer space.

The Telemarketer – Even in the future, some jobs really suck!

Tolerance – When the aliens come, so will sci-fi cancel culture! Directed by Herschel Zahnd III.

Out of My Mind – A terrifying author’s nightmare from director Cindy Maples.

The Bowling Green Massacre – A documentary about a dark, dark day in American history that never was.

Bots – They’re not just lurking in chat rooms any more!

The Best of the Rest!

Devil Girl of Venus – Three brave young men attempt germ warfare against alien invaders.

Coronavampires – Even the undead had a hard time during the pandemic.

Final Ultimatum – He’s about to conquer Earth, but do you think his wife really cares?

I Almost Married a Man From Outer Space – An homage to classic 1950s schlock.

Til Zombies Do Us Part – Can a zombie outbreak save a doomed marriage?

Drunk Dial From Outer Space – Even in space, it’s better to sober up before you call your ex.

A Conscientious Objector of Mars – A Martian soldier dares to ask, “What’s it all about?”

What’s His Name? – Ever get stuck trying to remember the name of that one guy in that one thing?