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Zombie puppets! Carnivorous critters! The world’s shortest horror and noir films! And some of the most incompetent alien invaders you’ll ever meet. For nearly two decades, John Cosper dabbled in short film. Click the links below to see the best of the best.

Film Festival Favorites

Clive the Zombie – The many misadventures of a zombie puppet.

Fluffy – The alien trilogy (plus two) featuring a cute and fuzzy killer from outer space.


Inspired by Len Cella’s Moron Movies

The World’s Shortest Horror Films – A web series created in partnership with my son Sam.

The World’s Shortest Noir Films – A follow up to the horror series that pays tribute to film noir.

Adam and Eve – Famous first from a famous first couple.

Desperate Housewives of the Bible – A favorite short from the old Righteous Insanity days.

Featured in This Would Make a Great Movie

The Telemarketer – Even in the future, some jobs really suck!

Tolerance – When the aliens come, so will sci-fi cancel culture! Directed by Herschel Zahnd III.

Out of My Mind – A terrifying author’s nightmare from director Cindy Maples.

Final Ultimatum – He’s about to conquer Earth, but do you think his wife really cares?

I Almost Married a Man From Outer Space – An homage to classic 1950s schlock.

…And More!

The Bowling Green Massacre – A documentary about a dark, dark day in American history that never was.

Bots – They’re not just lurking in chat rooms any more! Directed by Marty Pollio.

Devil Girl of Venus – Three brave young men attempt germ warfare against alien invaders.

Til Zombies Do Us Part – Can a zombie outbreak save a doomed marriage?

Drunk Dial From Outer Space – Even in space, it’s better to sober up before you call your ex.

A Conscientious Objector of Mars – A Martian soldier dares to ask, “What’s it all about?”

What’s His Name? – Ever get stuck trying to remember the name of that one guy in that one thing?