Work in Dead Park

Built on the site of what was once a top secret but not at all suspicious military base, Dead Park Plaza is the crown jewel of this gorgeous young community. Despite rumors to the contrary, you’ll find nothing sinister happening here – unless you believe that insurance companies and record labels are capable of pure evil! 

The Plaza offers the finest in modern amenities including high speed Internet access and the best 24 hour security in the business. We’re just minutes away from good shopping, fun dining, and the high end suburb of Dead Park Estates. Work, play, and live all within the same 

Whatever your line of work, you’re safe here. So are the trade secrets you desperately want to keep hidden. 

zoe headshot

“No, there’s nothing evil happening here. If this place was evil, that would make me evil. And me? I know I’m not evil.”

– Zoe, Business Owner


“Each day working here is better than the next.” 

– Ben, Account Executive


“The only ’monster’ I met was this creep in accounting who hit on me. I spoke to HR. He vanished. I didn’t ask questions.” 

– Laila, receptionist

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