Live in Dead Park

Dead Park offers more than just a great place to work. Right next to the Plaza you’ll find everyone’s favorite hangout, the Shops at Dead Park. Here, residents can enjoy quiet, murder-free dining at the Chinese buffet or the sports bar, followed dessert at the fro-yo shop. 

You won’t find the big chains, and you won’t find any evidence of any of the sinister murdered alleged to have taken place here. Just a fun shopping experience with everything from fast fashion to a throwback mom and pop video rental store! 

And there’s no place like home where you live in Dead Park Estates. The land that once housed top secret military equipment is now home to the people who make this community unique. 

The spacious homes feature wood floors, marble countertops, and state of the art appliances. But it’s the people who are truly the finest amenities here, people who host barbecues, yard sales, poker games, and get togethers that are truly to die for. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Howard headshot

“This is the nicest place I’ve lived in 20 years. True, I spend half those years at an FOB in Afghanistan, but this is definitely safer.”

– Howard, Resident


“You know that movie Shazam starring Sinbad? They have it at the video store. I’ve rented it three times on Laserdisc.”

– Curtis, Resident


“The only thing scary about the mall is the damage it does to my credit card every month.”

 – Melora, Resident