The Big Bad Goodnight


A down and out wolf. A femme fatale with wings. A dragon with a machine gun. A noir twist on the not-so-happy ever after world of fairy tales.

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Does everyone live happily ever after in fairy tales? Don’t believe everything you read, brother!

For generations, people believed the fairy tale realm is a place where good and evil are as different as black and white. The good citizens of those dark places know the truth, and the truth is now in print.

The Big Bad Goodnight throws a new light into the darkest corners of a world once sanitized by the Brothers Grimm. Those who dare to open its pages will learn the real, dirty, gritty reality of the a hard luck Wolf, a femme fatale with fairy wings, a small-time hoodlum named Rumplestiltskin, a hard-luck “delinquent” with a chance for redemption, a calculating serial killer dares to called himself Charming, and an unhinged psychopath named Goldilocks.

The Big Bad Goodnight will transform the way you view everything from enchanted frogs to gingerbread men. It’s a noir escapade in the tradition of Double Indemnity, The Lady from Shanghai, Cape Fear, Sin City, and of course… MAD Magazine. Pour yourself a stiff one, brother. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Stories include:

“The Big Bad Goodnight.” A down on his luck wolf tries to make one last score so he can get outta town and start over.

“The Girl With the Golden Locks.” A bear shields his wife and daughter from trouble when a dangerous woman from his past returns.

“Shattered.” A magic mirror faces the consequences for a rash, foolish decision.

“The Long Sleep.” A detective takes a case from a femme fatale fairy that may cost him his life.

“The Perfect Dame.” A frog finds himself in the perfect set up when he meets a beautiful princess.

“The Glass Slip-Up.” When the wrong girl is fingered as the prince’s true love, there’s a heavy price to pay.

“The Girl in the High Tower.” A young woman serving a life sentence for murdering a witch gets a chance at redemption if she will help snare a serial killer.

104 pages.

Books are signed by the author.

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