Girl Most Likely to Kill You


Boy meets girl. Girl vanishes. Girl returns to boy, leaving a trail of dead bodies in her wake.

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It took until prom night for Brian Eades to summon the courage to tell his best friend he loved her, but when the moment of truth arrived, Samantha Costales vanished without a trace. No note. No phone call. She didn’t even show for graduation.

Twenty years later Brian is a single father teaching at his alma mater when Sam returns out of the blue. The true love romance he always wanted falls right in his lap, and all seems right with the world.

Then Brian’s car explodes, a mystery man threatens his life, and his conspiracy-minded pupils come to him with an alarming theory: Sam may be the deadliest woman on the planet.

Not everyone ends up with their high school sweetheart, but not everyone’s crush turns out to be the girl most likely to assassinate the president of El Salvador. Soon Brian and his daughter are in the crosshairs of international arms dealers. Can a couple of star-crossed, high school pals make love work, or will this love story go out with a very fiery bang?

Number of pages: 159.

Books are signed by John Cosper.

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