The Shops at Dead Park (Dead Park Book 2)


The sequel to Dead Park Plaza reveals the only thing worse than working there is shopping there!

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It wasn’t enough to write a book slandering the good people who work in Dead Park Plaza. The same author is back with even more sordid tales about our beloved community.

This time, the target is our shopping mall, The Shops at Dead Park. (Yes, it’s Shops, not Shoppes. And It’s always been Shops. We think.) We’ll admit, our shopping mall is a little unique. It is one of the few malls in America that still has a video arcade. And a movie rental store. And yes, we have a Radio Shack. But the murderous clowns, mind-controlling arcade games, chainsaw-toting homecoming queens, vindictive puppets, and vampires who like a little blood in their frozen yogurt? Come on. Next thing you’re going to be telling us that the mannequins in the fashion shop were gossiping about you.

Trust us, our shopping mall is as innocent and safe as Dead Park Plaza. The only thing being slashed here are prices – not the throats of out loyal customers. But if you must, by all means, read the book that proclaims, and we quote, “If you think it sucks to work in Dead Park, wait ’til you go shopping.”

Stories include:

“Froyo From Hell.” While trying to get his life together, a young froyo artist meets a mysterious woman.

“The Fortune Cookie.” A young woman’s wildest dream comes true, but it’s not the one she was expecting.

“The Arcade.” Did a mysterious video game lead a ten year old boy to commit three horrific murders?

“Mr. Puppet.” A group of teenagers try to unravel the secret of the toy store’s star attraction.

“The Jokester.” When the computer repairman is arrested on charges of fraud, a strange confession arrives in the inbox of the local police.

“Selectakiller.” An antiquated home video device hidden in the back of the video rental store unleashes unspeakable horrors on the mall.

121 pages.

Books are signed by the author.

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