Dead Park Records (Dead Park Book 3)


A stand alone thriller filled with music and murder, the third installment of the Dead Park series pulls back the curtain on a mysterious record company housed in the infamous Dead Park Plaza.

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The evil of Dead Park Plaza extends far beyond the four-story office complex in this new tale of murder and mayhem.

All his life, the only thing Chuck Kirkland ever wanted was to be a rock star. When his current band kicks him to the curb for being too old, Chuck finds a lifeline in a mysterious record executive. His name is Dana Peters. The label: Dead Park Records. Dana doesn’t want to hear a demo, and he doesn’t need to see Chuck perform. One simple task will secure Chuck’s dream of stardom: he must murder a woman he’s never met.

Desperate and determined, Chuck takes the job, but he soon discovers he’s not the only wannabe attempting to commit murder. The streets are filled with musical assassins, and no one, not even the would-be victim, knows why Dead Park Records wants her dead!

What evil purpose lies behind this murderous plot? Will Chuck sell his soul for rock n roll? And why is a Sasquatch out in the woods murdering music journalists? All these answers and more may be revealed in the third installment of the Dead Park series.

Number of pages: 127

Books are signed by John Cosper.

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