Dead Park Estates (Dead Park Book 4)


The fourth book in the Dead Park series takes you inside the high end homes in the suburb next to Dead Park Plaza and The Shops at Dead Park.

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Who in their right mind would want to live in Dead Park? 

We’ll tell you who. Nice people. Nice families. People who have nothing to fear because there’s nothing evil happening here.

Of course, you won’t meet those nice people in the pages of this book. Just like it’s predecessors, Dead Park Plaza and The Shops at Dead Park, Dead Park Estates takes you to a dark and sordid subdivision filled with more lies about this quiet and not at all evil neighborhood.

Did a notorious fugitive settle in to live a long and happy life in this sleepy little suburb? Do creepy cryptids make good neighbors and poker buddies? Are the zombies participating in the annual zombie walk actually zombies or something worse? And where exactly would you go if you wanted to pick up not an Iron Maiden vinyl but an actual Iron Maiden, at a discounted price? 

Thankfully, this entry in the Dead Park series is not all monsters and mayhem. There’s also some tragic romance with a healthy dose of inter-dimensional revenge on the side. It’s no more true than the rest of this book, but who are we kidding? You don’t care. You’re here for more horror, and you’ll get it. From vampires to a homicidal doll bearing a full set of teeth.

Stories include:

“Yard Sale.” You can buy the creepiest things in Dead Park, and they’re priced to sell!

“The Auctioneer.” How the death of a resident and an estate auction almost uncovered the answer to one of the greatest unsolved crimes in history.

“When Alan Met Shanna, Again.” A cross over story with the novel Die Alan Die.

“The Swimmer.” A clever little dog saves a young woman from marrying the wrong guy.

“The Doll Had Teeth.” Meet Baby-Kills-A-Lot. She’s got hair. She’s got teeth. And she’ll slit your throat for fun.

“The Poker Party.” The most unusual guys night in the history of mankind.

“The Landscaper’s Tale.” How an interdimensional invasion by a cute and fuzzy creature may have brought evil to Dead Park.

“The Walk-In.” A tragic love story ties together stories from both Dead Park Plaza and Dead Park Records.

“Girls Night.” A zombie walk turns out to be more than it seems when a group of old friends get together in Dead Park Estates.

133 pages.

Books are signed by the author.