Dead Park Plaza (Dead Park Book 1)


The Office meets Tales From the Darkside in this creepy, comic short story collection.

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The Office meets Tales From The Darkside in this creepy collection of short stories!

Something is seriously wrong at Lead Park Plaza. Built on the site of a former military base, this four-story office complex looks as dull and harmless as any other. But dig into the far corners of the Internet, and former employees paint a very different picture.

Murder. Mayhem. Monsters. Tribal warfare. Dead bodies. Seriously evil bosses. And even a dash of cannibalism. Seven stories spanning several decades shed light on the secret goings on in “Dead Park” Plaza.

Pull up a chair. Pour some coffee. Prepare to find a new found appreciation for your current employer as you traverse the first three floors of the most evil office park in America.

Stories include:

“The Stall.” A woman recalls her one terrifying day working in Lead Park Plaza, a day that ended with the gruesome death of a co-worker.

“World’s Worst Boss.” When his employees hit the lottery, a desperate man makes a wicked deal.

“Under New Management.” All seemed well at a mortgage firm until the day “corporate” showed up to replace the boss.

“The Bubble Jet.” A cryptic message left on a printer sends a man down a dark rabbit hole, uncovering his employer’s true purpose.

“The Vampire’s Cube.” One man recalls working alongside a vampire in a call center.

“Lord of the Files.” When the boss dies suddenly, his leaderless employees go tribal.

42 Regular.” A new security guard at Lead Park Plaza thinks his boss has a great sense of humor.

“Executive Dining.” A woman takes matters into her own hands after she discovers who is responsible for the death of her new husband.

119 pages.

Books are signed by the author.

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