Clive the Zombie

Say hello to your little zombie friend, Clive the Zombie!

Clive is a zombie puppet who enjoys long walks on the beach, making movies, and hanging out with his hot celebrity friends. He was created by master puppet builder Sonny Vegas and has worked alongside some amazing people including Cindy Maples, Kayla Perkins, Sonny Burnette, and Daniel Emery Taylor.

Clive has starred in a number of short films written and produced by his adopted father John Cosper. Click the links below to see the little guy in action!

Warning: some shorts contain puppet gore!

Watch Now:

Zombies R Friends – A zombie sighting in a small town divides the citizens among those who want to kill the zombie and those who wish to embrace him. Featuring the voices of Daniel Emery Taylor, Kayla Perkins, and Sonny Burnette.

Zombies R Forever – The sequel to Zombies R Friends sees a celebrity do-gooder taking up the cause of the zombie. Featuring Daniel Emery Taylor and Sonny Burnette and the song “I’m A Zombie” performed by Jon Driver.

A Nightmare on Sesame Street – Part of The World’s Shortest Horror Films series.

The Lonely Dead – A spook of I Am Legend featuring the last zombie on Earth.

Ask the Zombie – A collection of bad zombie jokes.

The House on Zombie Hill – Can you tell the difference between a zombie and other monsters?

How to Catch a Zombie – How would you catch a zombie in your basement?

Georgia On My Mind – A love story between a girl and a zombie puppet in the tradition of Twilight.