Die Alan Die – eBook


An ex-girlfriend from another dimension travels all the way to Alan’s door because she wants him to die!


Alan had a snappy come back for any woman who dumped him. “In another dimension, you and I live happily ever after.” He didn’t really believe it, of course. It was just science fiction to him. That changed when an ex-girlfriend from another dimension showed up with a laser gun, ready to kill him.

With the help of another world-jumping ex, Alan seeks help from Miller, the eccentric who gave him his comeback line. Miller knows the secret to interdimensional travel, but can anything save them from the dangers of the multi-verse?

Doppelgangers, dragons, hyper-intelligent beavers, and Thelma Todd. They all play a role in this world-jumping, interdimensional tale of love and revenge. If you ever wondered what your life was like in another dimension, this book will curb your curiosity!

Book is available as a download in ePub format, which is compatible with Kindle and most e-readers.