Zombies of Oz


Follow the yellow brick road to Hell in this delightful, zombie-filled take on the Wizard of Oz!

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No tornado had ever brought as much mayhem to Kansas as Dorothy Gail. The fiery juvenile delinquent from Detroit was sent to the prairie in the futile hope her kindly aunt and uncle might help her see the light. But just when it seemed things could’t get any worse, a mysterious storm rocks their farmhouse and drops Dorothy right into the middle of a zombie apocalypse. 

Dorothy sets off on a quest for the Emerald City in search of her family and a scientist known as The Wizard, who claims to have found a cure. Along the way, she joins forces with a gunslinger named Scarecrow, a cyborg who calls himself Tin Man, and a shell-shocked Army Ranger whose courage has left him. Together, they must face off against a mysterious green witch and her blue-skinned mutants and uncover the shocking truth behind the plague that swept the world overnight. 

From the creator of the Dead Park series and the Clive the Zombie puppet films comes a new twist on the classic story filled with thrills, humor, and plenty of brains. 

Number of pages: 108.

Books are signed by John Cosper.

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