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Three Reasons Why Real Books Are Better Than eBooks

Real books make better gifts. You can’t put an ebook in a gift bag.

Real books don’t interrupt you with text and email notices.

Real books can’t be taken away by stingy content providers (or suddenly and inexplicably altered by writers who keep revising released works… myself included).

I offered eBooks direct on this website for a while, but I changed my mind today. Yes, I know, it’s using up natural resources, but (a) I’m not selling millions of copies (yet), and (b) they are recyclable.

I used to publish all my wrestling books to Kindle as well as paperback. I stopped doing that partly because wrestling fans like to collect. No one displays their amazing eBook collection, but they do show off their bookshelves.

This, however, was the clincher: I made two of my day job co-worker’s days this week giving them books. Not airdropping them eBooks, but handing them BOOKS. That’s the experience I want my readers to have, the joy of having and holding something. A real book.

You can still find all my titles on Kindle; I’m not taking that option away. But you’ll have to go to Amazon from now on.

Give the gift of books for Christmas. Or whenever you give. And support indie authors always!

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On the Beat with Johngy – September 28, 2022

John Wroblewski and I have become good friends the last few years, even though we’ve never met in person. We have regular visits to talk about writing and pro wrestling. And the Chicago Bears, though we tend to keep our frustrations about the Monsters of the Midway out of the public broadcast.

I’m sharing this visit here because we spent a lot of time talking about Girl Most Likely to Kill You and my soon to be released horror novella, Zombies of Oz. And yes, we talk a little wrestling too.