Space Monster – eBook


What hideous beast lurks in the bowels of a ghost ship?


Cardigan Fox had what you’d call a really lousy job. Exiled to a gas station in the furthest reaches of space with a robot that hates him, his own uncle fired him after the station was robbed on his watch. But before a transport arrived to remove him from the premises, a miracle drifted past the window of his galactic prison.

Ten years earlier, Lunastar IV left the planet Earth filled to capacity with settlers headed to the stars. However, before the ship even left Earth’s orbit, a mysterious creature slaughtered nearly everyone aboard. Seeking fortune and glory, Cardigan Fox boards the ship and rescues the sole survivor, a beautiful woman named Tiana.

Filled with hope, Cardigan makes plans to cash in on the ship and Tiana’s story and start life over. Unfortunately for the loverbirds, two obstacles stand in their way: Cardigan’s greedy uncle, and the mysterious beast lurking in the shadows ready to strike again!

Book is available as a download in ePub format, which is compatible with Kindle and most e-readers.