Robot/ Girlfriend – eBook


Amorous robots, alien snowflakes, teleporting telemarketers, and other strange tales!


Tired of science fiction filled with angst-ridden teens and dystopian futures completely devoid of aliens and robots? Settle in and let me tell you a tale about an angst-ridden young woman and the robot who simply could not break her heart!

Robot/Girlfriend is the centerpiece of this new collection of short stories from award-winning writer John Cosper. A robot cannot harm a human being. It’s against their programming to do anything that would bring physical harm to a human. But what would happen if a robot learned about emotional pain? What would happen if a robot learned that humans can have their hearts broken?

The story of a robot and the woman he can never hurt is just one of many unique twists on the science fiction in this new story collection. Robot/ Girlfriend also includes the award winning shorts The Telemarketer and Tolerance as well as the stories that inspired the short films Til Zombies Do Us Part and A Conscientious Objector of Mars. You’ll meet time travelers trying to change the past, have a ghostly encounter with a writer’s worst nightmare, and tag along with a high school cheerleader whom, it is foretold, is destined to save the galaxy.

Book is available as a download in ePub format, which is compatible with Kindle and most e-readers.

Watch these short stories on film:

The Telemarketer


Til Zombies Do Us Part

A Conscientious Objector of Mars

I Almost Married a Man From Outer Space

Final Ultimatum

Robot/Girlfriend won’t be the longest book you read, but it also won’t leave you wallowing in a dystopian funk. Filled with strange twists and humor, it’s a great introduction to a new author who still remembers when science fiction could be fun.